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Selected Publications.

Abstract R. A. Smith, E. L. Ionides, and A. A. King (2017) Infectious disease dynamics inferred from genetic data via sequential Monte Carlo. Molecular Biology and Evolution in pressDOI 
Abstract A. A. King, D. Nguyen, and E. L. Ionides (2016) Statistical inference for partially observed Markov processes via the R package pomp. Journal of Statistical Software 69(12): 1–43. DOI 
Abstract M. Domenech de Cellès, F. M. G. Magpantay, A. A. King, and P. Rohani (2016) The pertussis enigma: reconciling epidemiology, immunology and evolution. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B 283(1822): 20152309. DOI 
Abstract F. M. G. Magpantay, M. Domenech de Cellès, P. Rohani, and A. A. King (2016) Pertussis immunity and epidemiology: mode and duration of vaccine-induced immunity. Parasitology 143: 835–849. DOI 
Abstract T. Baracchini, A. A. King, M. J. Bouma, X. Rodó, E. Bertuzzo, and M. Pascual (2016) Seasonality in cholera dynamics: a rainfall-driven model explains the wide range of patterns in endemic areas. Advances in Water Resources DOI 
Abstract J. Perez-Saez, A. A. King, A. Rinaldo, M. Yunus, A. S. Faruque, and M. Pascual (2016) Climate-driven endemic cholera is modulated by human mobility in a megacity. Advances in Water Resources DOI 
Abstract A. A. King, M. Domenech de Cellès, F. M. G. Magpantay, and P. Rohani (2015) Avoidable errors in the modelling of outbreaks of emerging pathogens, with special reference to Ebola. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B 282(1806): 20150347. DOI 
Abstract C. E. Cressler, M. A. Butler, and A. A. King (2015) Detecting adaptive evolution in phylogenetic comparative analysis using the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck model. Systematic Biology 64(6): 953–968. DOI 
Abstract M. Martinez-Bakker, A. A. King, and P. Rohani (2015) Unraveling the transmission ecology of polio. PLoS Biology 13(6): e1002172. DOI 
Abstract S. Shrestha, O. N. Bjørnstad, and A. A. King (2014) Evolution of acuteness in pathogen metapopulations: conflicts between “classical” and invasion-persistence trade-offs. Theoretical Ecology 7(3): 299–311. DOI 
Abstract M. Domenech de Cellès, M. A. Riolo, F. M. G. Magpantay, P. Rohani, and A. A. King (2014) Epidemiological evidence for herd immunity induced by acellular pertussis vaccines. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S.A. 111(7): E716–E717. DOI 
Abstract F. Magpantay, M. Riolo, M. de Cellès, A. A. King, and P. Rohani (2014) Epidemiological consequences of imperfect vaccines for immunizing infections. SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 74: 1810–1830. DOI 
Abstract M. Martinez-Bakker, K. M. Bakker, A. A. King, and P. Rohani (2014) Human birth seasonality: latitudinal gradient and interplay with childhood disease dynamics. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B 281(1783): 20132438. DOI 
Abstract R. C. Reiner, Jr, S. T. Stoddard, B. M. Forshey, A. A. King, A. M. Ellis, A. L. Lloyd, K. C. Long, C. Rocha, S. Vilcarromero, H. Astete, I. Bazan, A. Lenhart, G. M. Vazquez-Prokopec, V. A. Paz-Soldan, P. J. McCall, U. Kitron, J. P. Elder, E. S. Halsey, A. C. Morrison, T. J. Kochel, and T. W. Scott (2014) Time-varying, serotype-specific force of infection of dengue virus. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S.A. 111(26): E2694–E2702. DOI 
Abstract J. S. Lavine, A. A. King, V. Andreasen, and O. N. Bjørnstad (2013) Immune boosting explains regime-shifts in prevaccine-era pertussis dynamics. PLoS ONE 8(8): e72086. DOI 
Abstract M. A. Riolo, A. A. King, and P. Rohani (2013) Can vaccine legacy explain the British pertussis resurgence?. Vaccine 31(49): 5903–5908. DOI 
S. D. Peacor and C. E. Cressler (2013) The implications of adaptive prey behaviour for ecological communities: a review of current theory. In: Trait-Mediated Indirect Interactions: Linking Evolution, Community, and Ecosystem (edited by T. Ohgushi, O. Schmitz, and R. D. Holt) 131–160. 
Abstract R. C. Reiner, A. A. King, M. Emch, M. Yunus, A. S. G. Faruque, and M. Pascual (2012) Highly localized sensitivity to climate forcing drives endemic cholera in a megacity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S.A. 109(6): 2033–2036. DOI 
Abstract S. Shrestha, A. A. King, and P. Rohani (2011) Statistical inference for multi-pathogen systems. PLoS Computational Biology 7(8): e1002135. DOI 
Abstract J. S. Lavine, A. A. King, and O. N. Bjørnstad (2011) Natural immune boosting in pertussis dynamics and the potential for long-term vaccine failure. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S.A. 108(17): 7259–7264. DOI 
Abstract D. He, E. L. Ionides, and A. A. King (2010) Plug-and-play inference for disease dynamics: measles in large and small populations as a case study. Journal of the Royal Society, Interface 7: 271–283. DOI 
Abstract C. E. Cressler, A. A. King, and E. E. Werner (2010) Interactions between behavioral and life-history trade-offs in the evolution of integrated predator-defense plasticity. American Naturalist 176(3): 276–288. DOI 
Abstract P. Rohani, X. Zhong, and A. A. King (2010) Contact network structure explains the changing epidemiology of pertussis. Science 330(6006): 982–985. DOI 
Abstract P. Rohani and A. A. King (2010) Never mind the length, feel the quality: the impact of long-term epidemiological data sets on theory, application and policy. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 25(10): 611–618. DOI 
Abstract A. A. King, S. Shrestha, E. T. Harvill, and O. N. Bjørnstad (2009) Evolution of acute infections and the invasion-persistence trade-off. American Naturalist 173(4): 446–455. DOI 
Abstract A. A. King, E. L. Ionides, M. Pascual, and M. J. Bouma (2008) Inapparent infections and cholera dynamics. Nature 454(7206): 877–880. DOI 
E. L. Ionides, C. Bretó, and A. A. King (2007) Modeling disease dynamics: cholera as a case study. In: Statistical Advances in the Biomedical Sciences (edited by A. Biswas, S. Datta, J. Fine, and M. Segal) DOI 
Abstract E. L. Ionides, C. Bretó, and A. A. King (2006) Inference for nonlinear dynamical systems. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S.A. 103(49): 18438–18443. DOI 

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